Elder Assistant - Middletown

Middletown Neighborhood
Job Description: 

AVAILABLE SCHEDULE:  Full / Part Time & PRN – all Shifts


The elder assistant will provide care to the elders living in a home.  Their primary role is to protect, sustain, and nurture the elders by providing assistance with activities of daily living, and meeting other needs as required.  The core goal of the work of the elder assistant will be to provide assistance, which promotes quality of life and a positive elder hood.  The elder assistant works cooperatively with other assistants in the home’s Self Directed Work Team (SDWT).  The team and individual elder assistants work collaboratively with the Clinical Support Team (CST).  The CST directs all matters related to skilled nursing services.  The SDWT and individual elder assistants report to the home’s Guide in all other matters.  The elder assistants seek counsel and assistance with problem solving from the Coach.


• The responsibilities of the elder assistant include care of the elder and the elders’ environment, including cooking, laundry, and housekeeping.  The Elder Assistant will also perform light housekeeping, provide companionship and enhance the quality of life and holistic growth of older persons.  The elder assistant is a member of a Self-Directed Work Team (SDWT) and is responsible for coordinating aspects of the team’s work.



• STNA certification
• An applicant should have an interest in caring for the quality of life needs of the elders, a willingness to work as a member of the team
• Education: high school diploma/GED

An Elder assistant will complete:
1. STNA training program
2. ServeSaf course, or other state approved food handling course
3. CPR certification
4. First aid course from the American Red Cross or American Heart Association
5. Small house elder assistant training-40 hours
6. Culinary training
7. Certified Medication Aide certification preferred

Skills Required:  The following are skills needed to perform, with or without reasonable accommodations, the essential functions of the providing care to Elders.  The ability to:

1. Recognize the autonomy and dignity of all elders.
2. Communicate a sense of caring, concern, and dignity for elders.
3. Understand how to place decision-making in the hands of the elders whenever possible and appropriate.
4. Make prompt and accurate judgments with regard to elder care and emergencies.
5. Work and communicate effectively as part of the self-directed work team

An individual may work in a home under the direction of a fully trained elder assistant after completing 1 and 5, but may not engage in food preparation or emergency medical management.

To apply for this position, you may:
• Apply on line – www.otterbein.org
• Apply in person – 105 Atrium Dr., Franklin, OH 45005 (on the Atrium Hospital campus)
• Email: jcreswell@otterbein.org

No phone calls please.

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