Otterbein rejects institutional mentality in favor of the radical new “small house” approach to nursing care, designed to focus on life and its enjoyment.

Elders in need of daily care deserve renewed control over their lives. So do our rehab residents. That’s just what you enjoy in Otterbein neighborhoods.  We don’t impose institutional schedules, meals or routines. Natural surroundings help make everyday tasks achievable and enjoyable: a kitchen for home-cooking, a big family dining room, a beautiful outdoor patio, and a great room for hobbies and socializing.

You choose your activities, meal times, spa and therapy times. Both our elders and rehab residents set personal, motivating goals. Guests are always welcome. At the end of a fulfilling day with friends, you retire to your own private suite, designed for your personal comfort and care.

Tour the Otterbein Skilled Nursing & Rehab Neighborhood nearest you and see for yourself!

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What do we mean by “small”?

Skilled Nursing and Rehab Neighborhood floorplan

Each neighborhood is made up of five specially designed one-story houses with 10 private suites. No more than 50 residents in all. That means high staff-to-elder ratios, increased nurse effectiveness, and better quality of life. Here’s a typical floorplan.

Fully certified

Otterbein Skilled Nursing & Rehab Neighborhoods are licensed and certified by the Ohio Department of Health, Medicare and Medicaid. The same standard of care as traditional hospital-like nursing homes.

A specialized staff

Specially trained care teams include assistants, guides, coaches, a quality of life coordinator, a housing coordinator, a chaplain, a skilled nursing team, and physical, speech and occupational therapists.

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